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Less Than 20,000 Squid Heads Under The Sea Full Movie With English Subtitles Online Download

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7cb1d79195 Max, Virgil, Norman and a rich Texan go under the sea in a submarine to battle a giant squid that is destroying ships and threatening the existence of an undiscovered race of squid people.
A kid, a barbarian, and a talking chicken walk into a submarine…oh wait, I think I heard this one before! Great animation involved during the rather nightmarish prologue where a spooky full moon impressively reflects off some remote section of the ocean as an oil tanker is engulfed by the tentacles of something huge and all the poor souls on board are dragged down to a watery grave… Scary! It's unfortunately the best part of the episode in my opinion, as this is the first dud of the series. It's not terrible or anything and is still very enjoyable, but there's just several things about it that I find myself disliking, it just lacks somewhere. Like for instance the lame one-shot character of the oil tycoon Texan guy who's not really a villain or a good guy, and who's only really there as a comic relief reminder that being rich doesn't guarantee being sane. And the menace of the giant squid is kind of impressive, the animation of the tentacles is well done, but the stupid permanent cartoony grumpy expression they gave the thing completely ruins the effect. And I found the cowardly squidy peoples to be so annoying! They were kinda like a population of mini Cthulhus and the undersea city is R'Lyeh - Lovecraft strikes again! Their leader, Calamaris, was actually a villain in the toy line. He was voiced by Charles Adler. The Doom Zone that this wet yarn is based upon, "Mighty Max Caught By the Man Eater", was designed to look like a ferocious great white shark, and a pretty scary one that briefly appears early in the story is I believe a little allusion to this. Norman's "I move for no squid!" is my favourite one-liner of the episode. The character had the awesome ability to say damn-near anything and make it sound either dead-pan hilarious, or totally badass! There's something almost lazy about this one that really sticks out to me. Like just what is it about this little adventure in particular that has the "world itself hanging in the cosmic balance", and why do the squid-heads speak English? Uh, maybe they learned it by reading all the discarded rubbish that we terrible humans so callously dump in the ocean.. Yeah, that could work! And a giant squid is supposed to have one eye, not two! You never notice these mildly nagging errors as a kid, and they don't really affect the episodes today, with or without them, they're still fun and entertaining regardless. This is just a weak filler story and it feels like one. It's not that fun, it doesn't have any pathos to it or especially exciting moments, and I'd say to skip to the next one even if you're a fan of this series, but that's just my take on the story, feel free to think of it what you will. We cool? We cool.

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